Mission & Vision

Vankos & Company was established in 1960. A partnership firm pioneered by its Chairman Mr. Shabbir Hussain. The company has a history of steady growth, having pioneered the manufacture of a number of products which resulted in the recognition of this organization in the field of hydraulic equipment through a number of awards conferred on it at the national level. Starting in 1960 as a tiny small scale unit employing 5 workers and with 3 machines in the company has at present 300 employees and about 70 machines. The company is, perhaps among the handful of small scale industries which from its very humble inception in 1960 took on the challenge of manufacturing the products requiring highly sophisticated technology and made a success of it. The company is once again, one of the few small scale units which has got not only survived for more than 40 years but has grown both in terms of turnover and sophistication of its products.

Quality Policy

The Policy

Vankos is committed to continue to remain as one of the principal manufacture in India of quality hydraulic equipments.


1.The company shall sincerely endeavor to provide through constant quality improvement full value to its customers for the money they invest in buying company's products.

2.The company shall manufacture products that conform to its internal quality standards, to customers specifications and standards and to standards formulated by national and international standards organisations.

Production Facility Production Facility

Vankos and Company is a multi product and a multi range company. It has the necessary precision measuring instruments and other equipments adequate to check a consistently standard quality. It has a completely developed quality controlled department headed by a quality control manager. Vankos has the distinction of being the first recognised unit in the research and development sector. The unit has developed a highly competent design and development bureau. Apart from this there are no. of test rigs having capacity from 2 to 2000 tonnes.


A network of dealers and company representative provide technical assistance in the assessment and selection of standard as well as tailor made products. Vankos trained technical personnel's provide prompt and extensive after sales service to keep the product working.


Operation and maintenance training is given free of cost at site for a few days per machine. (on selected models only)

Maintenance and After Sales Service

The company has a policy to provides prompt and effective after sales service through a network of service centers all over the country and also centralised service force available at its head quarter at Patna, INDIA. Vankos provides excellent after sales support. Vankos will take care of spare parts availability, Service personnel availability and training in use of equipment.

ERP Implemented

Vankos is pleased to announce the implementation of "Enterprise Resource Planning" (ERP) and has successfully incorporated it in its functional and operational activities and the entire implementation process was carried out in nine months with the active and close co-operation of our consultants. Vankos is committed to provide satisfactory Sales, Services, and solution with respect to it's area of operation to all its business partners, customers, suppliers and associate. We sincerely hope that they are reaping the benefits of our new initiative as we are. We would also like to congratulate the entire team working at our headquarters and the team of our consultants without whom this vision would not have become a reality.


The fact that company from its very modest beginning today enjoys an all India reputation as a premier manufacturer of Hydraulic products and Hydraulically operated equipments, devices and systems is tangible proof of its products. In almost 40 years of our existence, we have earnestly tried to live up to the motto adopted by our organisation in its infancy : A SMALL INDUSTRY DOING A BIG JOB.