Vankos Hydraulic Pallet Truck is suitable for handling Pallets, Rolls, Sheets and other heavy loads. It can be used for loading, unloading and transfer of loads. It can be used in all types of workplaces where efficient Material Handling is desired. It is the best solution of short transportation for heavy weight goods in narrow pathways

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Pallet Truck
High Lift Truck
Drum Stacker

Vankos scissors and non-scissors - single or multi stage type tables and platforms provide a fast, safe, cost effective method of access, both inside and out, for a multitude of applications. This product is very useful where the material has to be raised quickly to the correct working position. It is important to raise material into the best position for performing task in order to avoid tiresome working. Ideal for lifting, transporting and off loading heavy materials or loads such as die blocks, plywood sheets, heavy machined jobs, etc. for in process line feeding or transfer on to and from other carriers like trucks, vans, etc.


Sturdy design, perfect structural strength, operational safety and functional versatility are the outstanding features of Vankos quality built into each unit for trouble free long life. The hydraulic cylinders (single stage, multistage and multi cylinder type) likewise match the technical standards required for top performance including impact loads and heavy knocks under arduous working conditions. All products are individually tested to conform to highest quality standards.

  • Infinitely variable lifting of material to the correct working height.
  • To save time & facilitate work.
  • Simple & easy to operate.
  • Solidly built & durable.
  • >Versatile & compact.
  • Economical to own & operate.
  • Strict quality assurance for trouble free operation
  • Easy to service & maintain.
  • Interchangeable parts & components.
  • All steel welded construction
  • All hydraulic controls.
  • Manual pump is fitted with dual piston reciprocating device for fast easy effortless lifting.

  • Machine, Maintenance & Fabrication Shops
  • Steel Plants, Refineries & Chemical Plants,
  • Plywood & Glass Factories, Paper, Jute & Textile Mills, Automobile Plants, Etc.
  • Special purpose custom built models on request.
  • Good inventory of spare parts and allied equipment.

  • Limit switch (For mtorised platform)
  • Manual or motorised operation
  • Wheels : Steel or Polyurethane
  • Product can be made towable type or free standing on the floor or in a pit.
  • Pump (or starter for Electric model) on platform.